Getting Started

Welcome to !

What is ? is a new website created by the Alabama Department of Finance to save taxpayer dollars by providing certain employee services in an easy online format. This is a less costly alternative than the higher cost paper-based format. The first 'service application' of is the 'Online Pay Stub'. More applications may be added as they become available.

We hope you find to be a useful tool when looking for workplace information.

How do I log in ?

The first and best way to log in is to use your state email address and password you use at your desktop at work. However, not all state employees work at a desktop. Please read these guidelines completely.

I use a Desktop login at work.: Enter your state email address and the same password that you use at your desktop at work. It is possible you have a second version of your state email address that you do not use daily. If you are having trouble using your daily email address, try the other version. (For example, 'Robert' instead of 'Bob') Most people who have a state email address with an alternate name will know what it is. If you are still having problems logging in, please try our Login Helper.

I do not work at a desktop!: If you are certain that you do not have a state email address login, please use our Login Helper process to get you started.

Forgotten Password?:
State Email Users: Most state email passwords are managed locally at your workplace desktop. You may need to contact your email or domain administrator at your agency to reset your password. Many users may be able to manage their password at
Registered Email Users Only: Please go to: Forgotten Password.

Retired Employees / Former Employees / Agency Transfer
If you formerly logged onto eMAP and your state email address is no longer active, you must have your eMAP account reset. Please contact your former agency’s eMAP Administrator to submit a request to have your account reset. It will help speed the process if you can provide the name of your former state email address and your Employee ID number as part of the request.

PLEASE NOTE: After your eMAP account has been reset, you must still go to the "Login Helper" page to register your new email address. Be prepared to be prompted for your Employee ID and the last 4 digits of your social security number to complete the "Login Helper" process. If you do not know your Employee ID, you may need to contact your former agency’s payroll clerk to find out.

More Questions ?

You might find your question answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.